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Managing your newly found Dutch company for 6 to 24 months from the date of establishment.

Management of your sales and relationships.


After gaining an understanding of your background, expertise and experiences, we look at your business case and the potential that your products/services present in the Dutch (and European) market(s). We subsequently brainstorm new ideas and challenge your former ones, which will become the base of the Strategic Business plan that we will write for your (newfound) company.
These strategic business plans range from short concise Step-By-Step plans aimed at assisting the company’s founder/ Director with te development of the business in the first two years, to in-depth and highly detailed business plans that include cash-flow forecasting and business valuations.


Our local lead generation experts assist enterprises by turning their inquiries into qualified leads, maximizing the number of qualified leads while staying within clients’ budget. We provide all categories of enterprises, whether SME’s or multinational, with tailored solutions that match their specific market entry challenges.


Our network of experienced professionals provide our clients with topnotch market reports and leads so as to facilitate their internationalization process.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands has put in place the Starters International Business (SIB) program in order to provide Dutch SMEs (revenues of under €50 million) with a coaching package enabling them to acquire an insight into the possibilities and restrictions in foreign markets and helps them work towards a concrete international plan of action.
This process takes place in the form of an individual coaching voucher. We have been approved as one of the selected Dutch consultancy companies that is permitted to provide this service. The service is paid for by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, hence free of charge for Dutch companies.

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